Armor Facts - Information about Various Pieces of Armor

Mass produced combat armors have been with our civilization more than 3 thousand years, and during that time armors managed to grow into large family of precisely crafted equipment that played big impact on development of modern countries. Find out more facts about armors here.

Picture Of Fukigaeshi Japanese Armor Guimet

Interesting Facts about Armor

Personal protection gear and combat armor was a constant companion of modern human civilization. Their presence on battlefield and in our ordinary lives shaped us in many ways. Here you can learn the most interesting facts about armors.

Picture Of Early 16th Century Ottoman Empire Mirror Armour Krug

Types of Armor

If you have ever wondered what armor types were most commonly used over last 3 thousand years of our history, here you can easily get informed and find out best information about history of warfare.

Picture Of Middle Ages Great Helm

Medieval Armor Types

Medieval armors came in dozens of core sets and countless variations of gear that could cover soldiers and highly trained nights into excellent protective armored gear from their heads to toes. Learn more about types of medieval armors here.

Picture Of Italian Suit Of Armour With Sallet 1450
Picture Of French Cuirass After Fire Testing
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